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Message of song:

Note that this song is actually neither for nor against the concept of biological evolution. The intro goes “Some people think we're related to monkeys. This is what they say.” Then the song goes on to describe what those people say. Even if you don't accept evolution to be a fact of nature as the song claims, there's no denying that some people do say that.

For me, the evidence I have seen for evolution is so staggeringly overwhelming that to deny it is foolishness. If life did NOT develop on this planet by a process of biochemical evolution, then how does one explain so many different lines of evidence that all indicate it did?

For more information, read a speech I gave in 1997 about Teaching Evolution in Public Schools. I added a Reply to Christian Fundamentalists in 2007.

How it was written:

I have always liked rock songs that riffed in the key of A. I also like triplets a lot. So I took a riff I had been working on and put triplets into the changes.

Musical Notes:

This is a boogie-woogie in the key of A.