Chris's comments for
Eyes of Blue


Message of song:

In two verses the lyrics are “I could see the universe in her eyes looking at me!” Ten years after I wrote this song, I listened to audio files of the late Alan Watts explaining Hinduism and Buddhism to western audiences. One of the ideas of some eastern philosophies is that each of us is a function of what the whole cosmos is doing at a point called here and now. In effect, each of us IS the whole universe looking at itself through our eyes.

How it was written:

“The Amazing One” Bryan Royce came up with a syncopated bass line, very catchy. I then hung guitar parts onto it and added vocals. Fred E. put his stylish flair for drums to work, and we had a song.

Musical notes:

Key of E, but a very different feel than Long Hair. This song has no distortion, a syncopated rhythm instead of a rock beat, and a catchy “hook” melody in the chorus.