Chris's comments for


Message of song:

Here's another R Band song, part of a story about self-realization.

How it was written:

As described in the notes for Domestic Violence, I witnessed the disintegration of a marriage. This song, along with the previous one and the next two, was written in . The music had already been there for a couple of years, but during that month the lyrics came together to tell a story. That is why the music and lyrics for the first six songs of R Blonde Story segue so smoothly into each other. They were written that way.

Musical notes:

This uses an interesting form of the major chord for the rhythm, and switches to the minor one half step up for the chorus (C major verse, C# minor chorus). It works! The last bit of the verse has a C# riff to segue to the chorus; the last bit of the chorus has a C riff to segue to the verse.