Chris's comments for
Running Out of Time


Message of song:

Tough love, cruel to be kind, etc. If you truly love somebody who is caught in a self-destructive lifestyle, it is better to cut them off than to be an enabler of that lifestyle.

How it was written:

As I mentioned in the notes to Freedom (two songs back), the first half of R Blonde Story all came together for me in the summer of 1994. The music came first, then the lyrics. The story so far: A young man named Manny (allegorical name) witnesses the breakup of a marriage between two of his friends, Scotty and Michelle (re: Scotty Be Naughty, posted earlier). Anyway, she is free now (Freedom) after leaving him because of Domestic Violence and comes over to Manny's place to get ready to go out and have a good time (Hot Young Blonde).

Now this song. After watching this 24-year-old foxy blonde sex goddess use his place to get ready to go out looking for a good time (previous song), Manny is awakened at three in the morning by Michelle ringing his doorbell, looking for a place to crash! Manny feels bad that he is helping support her self-destructive lifestyle, and sadly decides that this is the last time he will help her this way.

Musical notes:

This song has very complicated timing for an R Band song. Parts of it are practically reggae, other parts, I don't know what they are but they're there! F# minor.