Other people's material hosted on my website

Cat Stories by Bill G. shares stories of three of the four cats in Bill's household.

Pet Videos This is a page of pet videos made by Airo Astarhy.

Dennis's 4-wheel-drive Ranchero describes the conversion of a Ford Falcon Ranchero using the frame of a Ford Bronco.

di craven is dead This is an excerpt from a “Die-ary,” posted on my website by permission of the author. Warning! Explicit content!

Stained Glass Model of the Red Baron's Fokker Triplane was built by Roy Hogland using approximately 500 pieces of flashed ruby glass. He sent me the photograph and information in .

Fly Like a Beagle was sent to me in by Kathy the Insurance Monkey. These are parody lyrics of the title song to the 1976 album Fly Like an Eagle by the Steve Miller Band.