Fall 2001 and Fall 2003 configurations

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For years my bicycle remained virtually unchanged, just a little cleaner or dirtier from time to time, occasionally receiving new tires or tubes, etc. The last two years however have seen a flurry of activity. Some of the changes are described on this page by comparing two photographs taken two years apart.

Schwinn Sportabout in 2001

Schwinn Sportabout as it appeared in Fall 2001

“rattle can” spray paint

bolt-on wheels

side-pull brakes

non-stock rear wheel

small flange on front wheel hub

Schwinn-approved black seat

no rear carrier rack

Schwinn “Sportinental” in 2003

The same bicycle two years later after many upgrades

professionally painted

quick release wheels

center-pull brakes

Schwinn S-6 rims front and rear

high flange on front wheel hub

much newer and snazzier Schwinn seat

rear carrier rack installed for books, amplifier, etc.