A shiny ten-speed bicycle

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I spent many hours in Fall 2003 polishing this silly bicycle. I decided to publish photographs of it while it is polished and shiny. Click on each photograph for a larger view.

right front view of the bicycle

Compare this photograph to a similar view from a couple of years ago.

freewheel and chain as installed on the bicycle

The NOS (new old stock) spoke protector was installed a month before this photograph was taken. The quick-release wheels and NOS reflector pedals were installed six months before, after the bicycle came back from the paint shop.

The rack over the rear wheel was loose. I used a 9/32 inch automotive ignition wrench, a tiny little thing, to turn the outside where it attaches to each chain stay while I held the inside nut with needle-nose vise grip pliers.

chain side of front sprocket

The front sprocket is so shiny it is like a mirror.

very shiny front brakes on bicycle

front center-pull brake's label says

very shiny rear brakes on bicycle

rear center-pull brake's label says