NOS replacement parts for my Schwinn ten-speed

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In this context, NOS means “new old stock” (an oxymoron?), meaning original parts that have never been used, sometimes still in the original packaging. NOS in other contexts can mean “Not Otherwise Specified” and “Numbers.”

I do not know if 9776 is the correct part number for a Schwinn Sportabout's brake levers, but these are NOS Schwinn road bike parts that are still in the bag with an instruction sheet.

I ordered these over the phone from Bike Heaven, a classic Schwinn shop in Pennsylvania run by Craig Morrow from his home.

This part also came from Bike Heaven. I won an eBay auction in early August, 2003. It arrived in my mailbox the same day as the shift levers above.

Dave Reynolds, owner of Cloverdale Cyclery

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On August 20, I took pictures of these parts as installed on the bicycle.