Chris's comments for
Long Hair


Message of song:

I don't really care what other people think about me. I will be true to myself. That does not mean I'm cruel to others or selfish. If others make fun of me or put me down because of it, I figure it's their problem, not mine. I do not define myself by their opinion of me.

How it was written:

This song was one of the many I've written while “riding the guitar and playing the bicycle.” In fact, when I am at a loss as to what to play, this song is usually the first or only one I will play while riding.

Musical notes:

The key of E is a natural for rock guitar songs. I played around with it and eventually found a pattern for the rhythm of the verse parts. The chorus goes from A to B to C, with some open strings being picked at times to match the melody of the vocals. The expletive at the end of the song is the nastiest word in any of my lyrics, and this is the only place you'll hear it from my lips.