New Stuff in 2011

In I started performing regularly at some places that feature “open mike nights.” In the summer of 2011 I also picked fourteen of my better songs to make a new album (although half of the songs were originally from earlier albums of the early to mid-1990s). Unfortunately I still don't have quality recordings of these songs, and I now regret having made new web pages for some of the older songs. When the new album is finally recorded and officially released, some of the songs from the 2011 listing may not be on it, with other songs (maybe not even written yet) put in their place. Oh well!

Crazy Metal, Hot Young Blonde, and Running Out of Time have new mp3 audio files available now on their song pages for the new album (When you ride over sharps, you get flats!). The recordings of the performances by R Band are still available from the older web pages of the R Band versions of these songs.

Help! (Oct 2011, later deleted) is my most recent and best cover version so far of this song by The Beatles. As I did last June (see entry on this page for ), I edited my multimedia index page and the description of my YouTube video to link to this more recent cover.

Red Baron gets a new recording to reflect the way I play it now compared to how I played it back in when I made the YouTube music video. I hope to remake the video using the same images for this new arrangement, if I can find where I backed them up!

The Al Gore Rhythm, Logger Rhythm and Entropy songs now have optional free mp3 downloads. I also recently added a Comments box to the bottom of each song page for the new album.

I post a major redesign of my site's Home page, the biggest change in layout since . I also add an introductory paragraph to the index page of the Studies section of my website. The past couple months I have also made some changes in the source code of my pages to prepare my website for eventual conversion from HTML 4.01 Strict to HTML5. The new song pages (see previous entry) are already HTML5.

R Band broke up fifteen years ago. I finally put the R Band music on the back burner of my website and now feature my material as being from The Bicycling Guitarist. The old songs index page has been renamed the R Band Table of Contents, and the new songs index page features My Songs. I picked fourteen of the best songs from the dozens I've written the past thirty years and arranged them in a particular order to form a new album titled When you ride over sharps, you get flats!. Most of the songs already had existing pages on this website from the original albums they were on. I kept the old pages and made new song pages because of the new song order and new material. I hope to record (and in some cases re-record) these songs. For now, those that have existing mp3 files still link to them even though these earlier recordings are not the best quality.

I record another cover version of the Beatles song Help! (Jun 2011, now deleted) and link to it from my multimedia index page and from the description of the YouTube video of my recording of Help!