New Stuff in 2009

I create and post a music video to YouTube of my recent recording of The Beatles song Help! (replaced in by a video of me performing this song on a bicycle).

I record and post a solo guitar cover version of The Beatles song Help! (I have since deleted this mp3).

Schwinn Super Sportabout is my new descriptive name for this bicycle's current configuration.

Upgrades to my Schwinn in 2009 shows major improvements made to my bicycle this year.

New wheels built for my Schwinn Sportabout shows vintage Schwinn Approved quick release hubs laced to modern aluminum rims to improve my bicycle.

New Crank shows the replacement of my bicycle's original crank with a better “diamond” Schwinn crank.

A better handlebar has photographs and information about a significant upgrade for my bicycle. I also make minor changes to a few other pages of the Schwinn section of the website.

I add a puppy page to the website. Prudence joined us on .

I change the position of the search box on my home page.

Raleigh D. from Kansas sent me a series of emails this month with information on Schwinn lightweight bicycles history and Suggestions to upgrade my Schwinn Sportabout. I edit and post his content here with his permission.

I add Google Analytics tracking code to all 192 pages of my website that are listed on my Google Sitemap so I can get an idea of which pages get the most hits.

The Magick Show is a song for this cat at her page Magick, the little black kitty.

I improve the navigation bars of this website by changing one link from Beagles to Dogs so it is at the same logical level as the Cats link. I also change its target from the Menu of Beagle Pages to the Dogs index page. The Menu of Beagle Pages dates from and shows its age. The newer Dogs index page is more consistent with the other top-level menu pages.

The Bicycling Guitarist weblog finally has a link placed on my site map. I've been posting to this blog for just over a year, but hadn't linked to it from this website until now because a year ago I thought I would be soon converting this site to Drupal (a content management system) that would have its own blogs as part of it. This blog is the one associated with my Google account.

My Home page and my search engine page now use a Custom Search Engine from Google to replace the Yahoo one I had been using the last four years. The past few days I added Share/Save buttons from to about 140 of my site's 194 pages to make it easier for visitors to bookmark and share my pages with others. I improved the layout of the Home page and made some other small improvements here and there throughout the site. (I removed these buttons from 189 pages on 2017-01-24. They each added two cookies per page and slowed the pages without adding traffic to my site as far as I know.)

Prayer has a new recording of a song I wrote in .