New Stuff in 2007

Some long overdue maintenance was performed on the site this year. I cleaned up broken hyperlinks to external sites that are no longer there. I also rewrote the code to some older pages to make them work better, even when the outward appearance doesn't change much. I've also added many more new pages than have been added in several years. This was a sad year for me though. My pet cat died, and the car I'd been driving for thirty years broke.

The Bicycling Guitarist home page has its photograph replaced with one from the newspaper article “A bicycling troubadour” in the Roseburg, Oregon News Review of .

I create a 2007 Awards page for awards won by my website this year. Edited 2017-03-30 to remove the hyperlink to the awards page. The page still exists online.

I added Charles Morreale at Misamari to the China-Burma-India section of my website after being contacted by his son via email.

I converted the XHTML 1.0 source code of all the pages back to HTML 4.01. The consensus among experts in HTML newsgroups is that serving XHTML as HTML is pointless, and if they are served as XML then the most popular web browser won't render the pages.

G. K. Chesterton has a few of the many sayings attributed to this man.

The Blind Men and the Elephant is a famous nineteenth-century poem based on earlier stories from India and elsewhere. The author, John Godfrey Saxe, proposes that differing religions may be different the way the elephant is described in the poem.

the essence of Buddhism is my interpretation of the essential meaning of Buddhism, influenced by the controversial scholars Joseph Campbell and Alan Watts. I also added Miluna as the second video on the pet videos page of Airo Astarhy. It features the two cats Milo and Luna who love each other but are separated by fate.

Other people's materal hosted on my website is a list of web pages I am hosting online on my website for other people. On those web pages, the authors always have had credit given to them for their content. I did the XHTML and CSS coding to present the content of these pages in a manner consistent with the rest of my website. As with all such coding I've done, I had a LOT of help from newsgroups and discussion forums.

Luna Rising is the introduction of Luna Kitty to this website. Cat Stories by Bill G. are being hosted on my website.

Interesting facts about Christianity is a page that every fundamentalist Christian should read. On a more satirical note, Jesus was a Horse Thief is an easy-to-play song I wrote about a curious incident described in the Gospels.

cute little kitty called Caldecat is to honor and mourn my beloved calico cat (feared dead when this page was posted June 4, sadly confirmed two days later). The previous version of this page is renamed Caldecat joins us.

Insubstantial Pageant has quotations about the nature of reality by William Shakespeare, Bill Hicks and yours truly.

My FAVORITE pages on this website.

Poetry is the index page for this new section of my website. Human is a long poem I wrote in high school about the experience of being human. Puddle of Puke is a humorous song I wrote in about throwing up Chinese food.

Entropy is a song I wrote in that asks some of the most fundamental questions a human can ask about existence.

The Pianist as a historical document is an essay I wrote for a university class back in about the award-winning film directed by Roman Polanski.

Dogs is the index page to another new section of my website. Chopper describes the dog that has lived with me since the summer of .

Meaning of Life is something I've always wondered about personally. Here is what I've realized so far.

Two poems I wrote in high school are both from , thirty years on. They are both about high school life. One poem is about a bad report card and the other is about the announcement of a quiz.

Philosophy and Metaphysics is the index page to the first new section of my website in a long time. The first entry is Ye are gods that offers a Hindu interpretation of Christianity. More than seven years later (in ) I drop the “and Metaphysics” part so the page and links now only say “Philosophy.”

Some silly coincidences in my life is about the mysterious links between the Red Baron, the bicycle on which I ride, the car I drive, and a Native American symbol for the universe. I also rewrote the comments to “Eyes of Blue” to mention the connection between some of that song's lyrics and certain Eastern philosophies. I was not aware of these connections, at least not at the level of ordinary consciousness, when I wrote that page many years ago.

Reply to Fundamentalist Christians was added so I wouldn't have to keep writing the same things over and over again to people who question me about the FACT of evolution.

A YouTube video of our pets was made by my friend Airo Astarhy.