New Stuff in 2013

Beginning in I began regularly scheduled weekly performances at a local coffee house. That gig continued for fifty-nine weeks in a row until . There are several YouTube videos posted from last year's coffee house shows, but so far the best recent media of me is the Fish Heads video filmed in a gym (see entry for below).

I add more links and information to the Videos page of the Multimedia section of my website. In the past week I have also further updated the My Songs page and created pages for some new songs and new pages for two older songs.

I change things around more in the My Songs page and the When you ride over sharps, you get flats! album page.

I add twelve of my best cover tunes (songs I play that were written by other people) to My Songs page.

I add six of my newer songs to the list of My Songs. None of these six songs yet have recordings or their own pages.

This was the 59th week in a row I played a two hour rock and roll show Wednesday nights at Till It Shines Coffee House in Roseburg, Oregon. I might play there again sometime, but probably not every week as before.

My Facebook page receives its 100th Like. Thanks Piper! Of course if any one of the other Likes hadn't done their part, Piper would only have been number 99, so my thanks go to everyone who made this possible.

On the Bouncy song page, I post a link to the YouTube video of me playing this song . I also update my Links page to mention the recent radio station interview.

I am interviewed by the Smith & Wesson morning show on radio station KRSB-FM Best Country 103. About 1 p.m. I am filmed by their camera person in the parking lot across the street from the radio station. I have technical difficulties from the bad things done to my guitar by someone I trusted.

I post the songbook in PDF format for the new song list of my as yet unrecorded next album. Hyperlinks to PDF files from web pages can cause some problems with usability and accessibility. Following advice I found on the internet, I use a PDF icon to indicate what type of file the link leads to, indicate its file size, and also use the three upper-case letters PDF to further identify it. Besides presenting the songbook link this way, I also go back and change the way the PDF hyperlinks are displayed on the “Roll Models” page (see the entry for ).

PDF icon

Here is a free download (304 KB) in PDF format of the new songbook.

I replace four of the fourteen songs on my album When you ride over sharps, you get flats! with four different songs. I believe the song list is snappier and happier now, but those four replaced songs are still among my best and will be part of the next album I record after this one.

I add a lyrics page for my newest song Bouncy. I also edit the Songs index page and my Site Map page.

On this website's Home page I replace the link to my BrickLink store (closed for the time being) with a link to a new page about my Roll Models. These are toy replicas of The Bicycling Guitarist riding his Schwinn bicycle “The Minstrel Cycle” and playing his Silver Anniversary Model Fender Stratocaster “Annie.” All parts are genuine Lego except for the guitar by Brickforge.

I add “How I attach my amplifier” to the Schwinn section of my website. (EDIT ADDED 2017-03-28: I don't like the way I attached the instrument cable before the longitudinal bungees in these photos. The page still exists online but the last link to it on my website formerly on this page is removed so the search engine bots will no longer discover it.)

I edit my Links page and also add a new hyperlink to a newspaper article about me that I thought was no longer available online (at least for free).

I post a YouTube video of Logger Rhythm played on a bicycle that was filmed the day before () riding in the same middle school gym as last week (and last winter).

The News-Review newspaper prints a nice story about me. Edit added February 28, 2017: The newspaper's link no longer worked, but I found the page on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

In the afternoon I am filmed riding inside a middle school gymnasium in Roseburg, Oregon. Later that night I post videos on YouTube for my original song Early Morning Hours and for the Fish Heads novelty song by Barnes & Barnes made famous by Dr. Demento and the early days of MTV.