New Stuff in 2014

I post Lego creations of The Bicycling Guitarist as a new page to organize the increasing variety of Lego creations associated with me.

I post Lego model of The Bicycling Guitarist at the Half Shell. The page includes an optional short video clip from YouTube showing me on the stage of the real Half Shell on at one of the dozens of free concerts I performed for the public there from April through October of 2014.

I create Facebook pages for Versie the Anniversary Model Guitars and the bicycle The Twinstrel Cycle of The Evil Twin of The Bicycling Guitarist.

I create a Facebook page for The Evil Twin of The Bicycling Guitarist.

I create Facebook pages for my guitar Annie the Anniversary Model Stratocaster and for my bicycle The Minstrel Cycle

Here are a couple of recently filmed YouTube videos of me posted on other people's YouTube channels. The most recent one is only 52 seconds long from (yesterday) and shows me under a shady tree (not riding in this video) at the Feed The Burg event in downtown Roseburg. Another video interview (11 minutes, 19 seconds) shows me at the Umpqua Valley Farmers' Market on . My (relatively) new Kitty song starts about 2:07 into that video.

The past few days I made some changes to the navigation buttons menu bar at the top of most of my website's pages. I reduced the number of buttons from ten to six and made the font-size normal instead of small. This was to make the buttons easier to use on a mobile device which is how more and more people are accessing the internet these days. This isn't doing very much to make it easier for folks using those devices to browse my website, but it is a step in the right direction I think. Responsive web design is what I need to learn or have done to my website someday in a perfect world.

I publish a songbook that uses Lego models I designed to illustrate many of the lyrics to the three Above All That is Random songs I cover. I had originally published this one week earlier (), but I replaced one photograph and changed some text on May 29. Two versions are available for free download in the ubiquitous Adobe Acrobat PDF file format:

The past three weeks I added more information to my essay Thoughts on Seversky's book Victory Through Air Power. It went from about a 7,400 word essay to more than 8,200 words. Most of the new material is stuff I was thinking about adding four years ago but just didn't get around to doing. Because of the added material I think it best to update the copyright date on this essay from 2010 to 2014. I also added nearly a thousand microdata statements to the source code of that web page in the past couple months to help search engines better understand the content. The microdata statements do not change the visible content of the page at all.

Today I found and converted the last ten pages of my website that did not yet use HTML5 markup language. It was relatively easy because they were already strict HTML 4.01. Yesterday and today I added ARIA landmark roles to the navigation <div>s of all my pages to assist visually-impaired people who visit my site. A couple days ago I added rel="author" links in the <head> of the HTML of most of my pages (the ones with original content of mine) to indicate my authorship of the content of those pages.

The past three weeks I have added much more microdata to the source code of many pages (especially some of my Studies essays such as Thoughts on Seversky's book Victory Through Air Power). Today I converted all of the pages in the Ranchero and Schwinn folders from HTML 4.01 to HTML5 markup language.

I change the markup language of my home page to HTML5 and add microdata to its source code. These changes do not affect the way humans view the page but will help search engines better understand the content.