New Stuff in 2015

I added much more microdata code to the html source code of every page in this website during the winter of 2014-2015. In January I began being filmed again, although still at relatively low quality recordings. After March though I stopped riding for the first time in thirty-one years. I did a lot more work on the html code of my website from July through December.

Even up to this last day of the year I was busy updating the code on my website. The past five months especially I brought the whole site up to the latest coding standards, although I still don't use all of the new elements possible with html5 or with microdata.

In the past month I edited the meta title and meta description tags of nearly every page on this site to fit current best practices (shorter for mobile devices). Also after receiving some feedback today (thanks Elissa) I removed some redundancy from my essay on The Pianist film. Instead of “during The Holocaust of the Jews by the Nazis during World War II,” it now says “during The Holocaust.”

I added an updated privacy policy and information about my use of Google Analytics to my Legal stuff page on advice from folks of the Web of Trust.

Screaming Frog (see previous entry) makes it easy to see what needs fixing on one's website, even image file sizes. So the past couple days I have optimized many images using free online tools. Several PNG files of my Lego creations went from 4 MB to 1 MB size and look the same! I also found an online tool that can make JPG files “progressive” so they load better, giving the impression of a faster website even if not always strictly true. This makes more of a difference on images of larger file size.

I fiddled with and added to this site's html code the past couple weeks since the last entry. A couple days ago I finally learned of the wonderful Screaming Frog tool for SEO work and downloaded it to crawl my website. I fixed many small issues with my site the past couple days that I am now ashamed went undiscovered and unrepaired for so long. These included outgoing links that were temporarily or permanently redirected, meta descriptions that were too short or too long, and so on.

I added the YouTube video of I See to the database and then added that video to the song page. The past couple days I put datePublished codes and isFamilyFriendly codes (True or False) in the source code of all the song pages on my website. Since Magick died (see previous entry) I added much more structured data and formatted things more consistently throughout this website.

I had to put Magick Kitty down after four weeks of trying to save her, putting myself into debt nearly a thousand dollars and giving her medicine every night that did not work. I was told there wasn't much of a chance the medicine would work, and I regret now not putting her down a couple weeks sooner. R.I.P. Magick.

Besides adding even more structured data and improving the html code of all the pages of my website the past few weeks, today I made the mainEntity of all 29 pages of its “Comments” folder a Comment (duh!) with each comments page linked to the page of the song it is about.

June and August 2015 shows some of the adventures of the house kitties, their first new page in many years.

I post Introducing Lady M: A bicycle of the same make and vintage as The Minstrel Cycle but a Ladies' Model with a step-through frame.

I finally deleted the html code on 122 of my site's pages where I had belonged to 161 “webrings” beginning in the late 1990s. Their navigation code has been obsolete for many years, and it is not mobile-friendly according to Google's test. In the past couple weeks I also made other changes to my site to make it more mobile-friendly. It needs more work still.

With some help from an online Latin discussion group, I create ultra ridiculum ad magnificum as the Latin motto of The Bicycling Guitarist. It means “beyond ridiculous to magnificent.”

I uploaded a better version of Traveling (played on a bicycle) to YouTube and updated the song page to point to that version instead of the one from a gig I posted earlier this month.

I created a page for my new Tired Lonely song. I uploaded a new recording of Long Hair and updated its song page to point to its new YouTube video.

I updated and rewrote the html code for My Songs index page as part of my campaign to make this website more mobile-friendly. I used to think of that page as a “Table” of Contents for my songs, but these are really play lists or song lists. So I switched from using table markup to using list markup. Besides being more semantically correct (I think), this also renders better on smaller screens (I hope. Of course, I could be wrong!). I also added links to YouTube videos for many of the songs.

Finally all three of the Grimmie AATIR songs I cover are filmed and posted to YouTube. These songs don't have their own dedicated page yet, but links to their YouTube videos are on the “Songs” page of my website along with links to a songbook I made last year that has photographs of Lego models I designed to illustrate some of the lyrics to these silly songs.

I replaced the link to a YouTube video from a few days ago for my song Over Me to a better quality video that was just filmed earlier tonight.

I added a page for More Than a Feeling, Gilligan's Island style that includes a YouTube link to a recent live performance. I also moved the instrumental song Traveling back to my sharps-flats album (as the very first song as a matter of fact) and moved the previous number one song Long Hair to my B list.

I added links to brand-new YouTube videos of a gig the previous night for the songs Another Beer, Bouncy, Over the Rainbow and Traveling

I added links to brand-new YouTube videos for the songs Assisted and Over Me.

I moved my original songs Traveling and Up The Hill off the sharps-flats album and replaced them with I didn't know that she was crazy and Kitty, both of which have brand-new YouTube videos linked to from their pages.